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Fire Extinguisher Valve Replacement Valve Head Caps

Fire Extinguisher Valve Replacement Valve Head CapsFire Extinguisher Valve Replacement Valve Head Caps. Replacement valves suitable for our Extinguishers. Gauges sold separately. Product Type:
Servicing Tools

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Chemical Refill

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Chemical RefillFreezolA Freezol additive that will prevent extinguishers from freezing in winter. This is supplied in containers to use in 6L and 9L extinguishers or in a...
Servicing Tools

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Water Mist Refill

Fire Extinguisher Cylinder RefillE-Series Water Mist RefillsDe-ionized water refills designed for refilling our Water Mist extinguishers. Available in 1L and 5L containers.High Performance Foam RefillRefill for our 27A rated 6L...
Servicing Tools

Fire Extinguisher DIP Tubes

Fire Extinguisher DIP TubesReplacement Dip Tubes for Jewel Fire Group extinguishers.  Fire Extinguisher Dip Tubes incorporate sorts of dunk tubes which are utilized as a part of flame quencher. Our...
Servicing Tools

Metal Hose Assemblies

Metal Hose AssembliesReplacement hose and nozzle assemblies for Jewel Fire Group Extinguishers only. Characteristics:Thick, flexible, pressure resistant, temperature resistant, chemical resistant, weather resistant, age resistant.EPDMBasically we use high-quality EPDM hose....
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Nitrogen Regulator and Hose

Nitrogen Regulator and HoseA nitrogen regulator with a 25mm quick fit adaptor and also complete with a Schrader fitting and hose that has been tested to 200 bar pressures.
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Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge Tester

Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge Tester A traditional tool used for testing fire extinguisher pressure gauges. Pump type gauge testers work by applying pressure opposite to the pressure applied...
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Fire Extinguisher Filling Adapters Kit

Fire Extinguisher Filling Adapters KitA brass adapter fitting set for use in pressurizing most extinguishers. Our E-Series Water Mist adapter is also available and supplied separately. Specifications: Used as part...
Servicing Tools

Lightweight Heavy Duty Battery Digital Scale

Lightweight Heavy Duty Battery Digital Scale  Mains & battery powered plinth style digital scale. Auto battery save feature.This Electronic Parcel Scales up to 60kg capacity are extremely valuable to companies...
Servicing Tools

Spring Balances

Spring BalancesA range of lightweight analogue scales for weighting individual fire extinguishers.
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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Labels

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance LabelsFire extinguisher maintenance labels personalized to your requirements showing your company name and contact details. These are made out of vinyl and are sold in rolls of...
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Fire Extinguisher Pressuring Bar

Fire Extinguisher Pressuring Bar When engineers perform an extended service on stored pressure fire extinguishers, the head cap of the extinguisher must be removed so that the inner lining of...
Servicing Tools

Fire Extinguisher Solid Steel V Clamp

Fire Extinguisher Solid Steel V ClampMade out of solid steel an easy to use solution for gripping an extinguisher while at the same time removing the valve head cap. Specification: ...
Servicing Tools

Service Spanner

Service SpannerOur  head cap removal spanner is the perfect tool for removing our extinguisher headcaps. Gripping the valve in 2 places reduces strain on the valve itself, allowing easy removal.
Servicing Tools

Fire Extinguisher O-rings

Fire Extinguisher O-ringsA range of fire extinguisher O-Rings available from stock and supplied in bags of 50.
Servicing Tools

Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge

Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauge Extinguisher pressure gauges for use in Jewel Fire Group valves only.